Android Tablet Computer

What are Android Tablet Computers?

Simply defined, a tablet computer or slate is a touch screen enabled, keyboard free computer.   As you may know the iPad was the first mainstream tablet that was unveiled in March of 2010.   As usual, Apple has created an amazing, eye-catching product that wowed consumers and continues to impress all with its usefulness, beauty, and functionality.  Now there are many competitors to the original tablet.  Most of the competition is based on the Android Operating System.

Android Tablet Computers share the Google Android operating system, and perhaps more importantly share the Android Market for apps.

Just as with desktop, laptop, notebook and netbook computers, users select the best that fits their needs according to price, design, operating system, and ease of use.

Although some Android tablets are built with 3G or 4G connectivity.  Most are constructed to operate on conventional wi-fi networks.

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